A Dozen O’ Corgis!

I am very grateful for the love Jarvis gives me. He is just a year old, but he’s learned so much already! He always knows what I need, sometimes when I don’t even know it myself. He was the one who was by my side when my grandma died. He was also the one who showed me to keep on smiling, even when it seems impossible to do. He is my little goofball, my clown.

When he is old enough, he will help not only me, but also children who are having troubles in their life. He will be my co-coach, and I couldn’t wish for a better co-coach in my life!

This is Pesto. He’s almost one and the past 11 months with him have been a wild ride. He’s taught me patience, to not worry and be happy, to enjoy every meal like it’s your last, and to sleep and pounce and play like no one is watching. Will only cuddle on his own terms but he secretly likes it when we ask him to cuddle with us LOL.

Miss Catie (going on 13!) and our Champion Marcus — corgis #6 . Got my first one when I was 10. My husband even had to be approved by the corgis before we married! My kids; they provide that unconditional love, every day!

Mulder (pictured here with the cone of shame after he got neutered last month) is my Emotional Support Animal and I am so grateful to have my little buddy around . We’ve only had him since June but I already can’t imagine life without him. He’s an endless source of laughter and is so wonderfully sweet and patient. As an ESA, he helps me through my depression and anxiety just by being his sweet, cuddly self . I am so grateful for the light he has brought my life since we got him.

This is Truman and Bullet, brothers from others! They are half our pack at home, and they get me out of bed every morning by singing the song of their people! I just love these guys because they are so silly and expressive, yet gentle with everyone they encounter.

The love of my life, Murphy Charles passed away on 8/11/2016. He was the very best corgi ever and my soul doggie. I hadn’t planned to get another corgi so soon after Murphy’s passing, but this little guy became available so we drove to Virginia to adopt him. Killian Wilson will never fill Murphy’s shoes, but he’s a real close second. He is so precious to me. Killian turned one year old on July 3, 2017. He’s such a good little guy and I love him dearly.

I got my first Corgi in 2000. I promised my daughter (she passed in 1999) that I would get one after I was finished grieving the death of my pot bellied pig. My first (Weston) was the only reason that I was forced and made to get out of bed. Then I got another one in 2001 and then another one in 2008 and then my rescue in 2010. They make my husband and I laugh when most needed. I can not imagine my life without a Corgi or two or three.


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