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Bella – 4 year old female Chihuahua cross Corgi

Bella is a Chihuahua cross Corgi. She is about 4 years old. She is a very loving dog who bonds best with one person. Probably a female person to boot. She is shy of strangers. Doesn’t like to have hands go out to touch her until she knows who you are. She will raise a […]


Welsh corgi is California’s new top dog

Gov. Jerry Brown has found an unlikely new best friend in his efforts to work with Republicans and fix California’s budget mess. Brown and first lady Anne Gust Brown officially welcomed Sutter, a 7-year-old Welsh corgi, as the state’s top dog this week. The stocky, sable-colored canine with a milky white belly and marble-shaped eyes […]


Corgi Temperament: Assessing Your Corgi’s Separation Anxiety

Corgis are typically very social creatures and may become upset when left alone. The undesirable Corgi temperament that arises as a result of too much alone time is known as “separation anxiety”. This “separation anxiety” can manifest as prolonged barking or whining or become more destructive. The Source of Corgi Separation Anxiety More than likely […]


Why corgi mixes look like adorable munchkin versions of other dogs

This doggo is actually a Swedish Vallhund, which is probably a precursor to the Welsh Corgi. But come on—that looks like a stumpy husky or something, doesn’t it? He (or she) was too cute not to include. TS Eriksson/Wikimedia Common It’s very important that you look at these pictures of stumpy-legged doggos. You know, for […]


10 Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing a Corgi

Most people are completely unaware of the fact that so much goes into getting a dog. Many believe that it’s a simple as saying, “Yes, I believe a dog sounds great; let’s get one!” and they go from there. The thing is that the process is just not this simple. It’s a complex process that […]

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