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We Went to a Corgi Picnic Meetup And It Was Pawesome

On August 18th, the annual NJ Frap Pack Corgi Picnic took place at Fords Park in Woodbridge, New Jersey. 111 corgis (plus their hoomanz) were in attendance this year, including some new puppy members that we all took turns petting and swooning over. The annual picnic is organized by Marc and Cynthia Dalangin, the founders of the […]


Getting A Gorgeous Coat with The Missing Link

Sponsored Post – This post was sponsored by The Missing Link, however all words and opinions expressed are all my own.  I was approached by the good people at The Missing Link to try out their Skin & Coat Dental Chew. I am always curious to try out new products for Tibby that promise to improve her […]


The Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi Dog Breed, History, Health, Characteristics

The Welsh Pembroke Corgi may be a compact little dog but it certainly knows how to win the hearts of influential people. Queen Elizabeth II is probably their most famous fan – she’s owned more than 30 Corgis since she’s been on the throne, making them a truly royal dog. An adorable mix of short […]


Cardigan Welsh Corgis

The Cardigan is the Corgi with the tail but he stands out from his cousin, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, in other ways, including his larger, more rounded ears and wide variety of colors. His weight ranges from 25 to 38 pounds, making him a little larger than the Pembroke as well. Although the Cardigan and […]


With This Corgi, Courtney Said Yes!

What does a girl say when her boyfriend of five years gets down on one knee and proposes marriage? Well, yes is usually a pretty good start. For Courtney Zawodney, who found herself in that charmed predicament on a summer day in July, the response was a bit less conventional. “Oh my God I’m such a pain in […]

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