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Teaching Corgis How to Shake Paws

Corgis are quick-to-train dogs who love to please their families. This little gentleman of a dog will amaze you as he quickly catches on to the gratification you receive from his shaking your hand. This trick is easy enough for children to teach your corgi. Step 1 Start in a sitting position. If you haven’t […]


Healthy Weight for Corgis

Encouraging your Corgi’s natural instinct to run and play will help him stay in tip-top shape. Welsh Corgis are a breed of herding dogs that originated in Wales and have been popularized as the Queen of England’s sidekicks. They come in two types: the Pembroke and the Cardigan, which have slightly different body structures. Because […]


Hair Loss in a Corgi

A corgi could be losing hair for any one of several reasons. Welsh corgis are known for being healthy, sturdy and fit. While the breed suffers from relatively few genetic health problems, it is prone to skin allergies that can cause hair loss. They are also susceptible to all the standard causes of hair loss […]

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