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Basic Corgi Care

Queen Elizabeth II is known as the first female monarch to serve in the British army and the first member of the royal family to open the Buckingham Palace to the public. However, the Queen reveals her light and loving side through her unbeatable affection for corgis. Her Majesty has been taking care of corgis […]


Gizmo’s revenge: Nerf dog toy gets the energetic corgi test

If I had a dollar for every toy that my 7-year-old corgi Gizmo has destroyed, I’d be millionaire. Or at least I think I would be. With a desire to deconstruct anything that squeaks, Gizmo usually doesn’t allow his toys to last more than 10 minutes once they make the journey home from the store. […]


Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgis are charming, short, sturdy little dogs with a spirited disposition and an eager work ethic. With their perky ears and wide, grinning smile, Corgi turn heads wherever they go! According to legend, the Corgi was originally a gift from the forest fairies, and the breed’s distinct markings were supposedly left by the fairies’ harnesses […]


With Corgis and Costumes, Corgi Con Returns To Ocean Beach

This Saturday, expect corgimonium: NorCal CorgiCon is bringing hundreds of the stumpy-legged dogs and their human friends to Ocean Beach (between Stairwell 21 and Fulton St., across from Beach Chalet).  The wildly popular event, which happens twice a year in June and October, has corgis running races and dressed up in their finest for a costume contest. […]


How I Got Rejected by Two (Count ’em!) Corgis On My Summer Vacation

On a recent vacation in the Pacific Northwest, I was lucky enough to meet a couple of Pembroke Welsh Corgis. (You bet ‘yer boots my eyes were peeled for local low riders!) I spied this charmer at a Sunday Farmer’s Market, in the delightfully dog-centric Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. Those fingers making like there’s food […]

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