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Why Breeding Corgis Is Harder Than You Think

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, or dwarf dog, is a wonderful small dog breed classified as a cattle herding dog in most Kennel Clubs. Its appearance, elongated and very peculiar, makes the Corgi an appealing breed that will raise the curiosity of most people. Oh, and let’s get that out of our way: the Corgi is […]


11 Corgis On Instagram Who Aren’t Famous — Yet

There are a handful of corgis on Instagram who have well past 100,000 followers because, let’s face it, corgis are the best. Their stumpy little legs! Their gigantic ears! Their perpetually smiling faces! They’re so great, even the Queen of England loves them. There are so many other corgis out there, though, who have way […]


Corgi Couldn’t Be Prouder Of The Garden She Planted With Her Poop

You might say this little corgi, named Meya, has something of a green thumb bum. In fact, from that round and furry rear end of hers, an actual garden has grown. And Meya couldn’t be more delighted. It all began last October, when the 2-year-old corgi decided to help herself to some seasonal decorations her […]


Overachieving Corgi Graduates From UCLA With His Human

Some of us might have donned a cap and gown this year for our own graduations, but the cutest graduate of 2016 is Pavlov the Corgi: Dog parents and UCLA alumni Anthony Osuna and Elayne Tram Nguyen decided to bring him along for a whirlwind eight week college experience at the university that was such […]

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