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Assistance Dog Breeds: About Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgis

The Cardigan Welsh corgi and Pembroke Welsh corgi both hail from Wales and have much in common, but they are two distinct breeds with their own personalities. Pembrokes are better known in the US, ranked by the American Kennel Club as the 22nd most popular breed, while their Cardigan cousins come in a bit farther down […]


7 Surprising Facts About Corgis Dog Breed

The Welsh Corgi has two Corgi breeds, Cardigans and Pembroke’s. Corgis are believed to have existed in Wales for more than 3,000 years. The Cardigan is distinguished by his long tail — like the sleeves of a cardigan sweater — and was used to drive cattle to market. Corgis are sensible and affectionate, they love […]


The Ten Best Corgi Blogs on the Web

Sometimes people ask me if I think I’ll ever run out of corgi pictures. It’s not an unreasonable question: Corgi Friday is approaching its one-year anniversary, and it consistently has specific themes that include twenty or thirty or fifty pictures of corgis. How many pictures of corgis can there possibly be? Answer: OH MY GOD […]


‘Old person’s dog’ Pembrokeshire Corgi is dying out

The Pembrokeshire Corgi is becoming less and less popular as people believe it is an ‘old person’s dog.’ The breed is a favourite of the Queen and has been a part of the Royal family since 1933. At present the Queen has four dogs, two of which are Corgis and two of which are Dachshund-Corgi […]

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