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Hereditary Diseases in Welsh Corgis (Part II)

I continue the list of disorders that can be inherited by Corgis. While most of these diseases have no cure, they can be kept under control with the help of medication. Always remember that the vet will be your best ally when dealing with any illness. May your dogs live long, healthy lives! Von Willebrand disease […]


Healthy Weight for Corgis

Encouraging your Corgi’s natural instinct to run and play will help him stay in tip-top shape. Welsh Corgis are a breed of herding dogs that originated in Wales and have been popularized as the Queen of England’s sidekicks. They come in two types: the Pembroke and the Cardigan, which have slightly different body structures. Because […]


Hair Loss in a Corgi

A corgi could be losing hair for any one of several reasons. Welsh corgis are known for being healthy, sturdy and fit. While the breed suffers from relatively few genetic health problems, it is prone to skin allergies that can cause hair loss. They are also susceptible to all the standard causes of hair loss […]


Couple Engaged Through Memes Launches ArtCorgi: Your Marketplace for Nerd Art

Malcolm Collins and his fiance Simone are so passionate about online communities and “nerd culture” that he proposed on Reddit through a slideshow of memes — and she said yes. Now the Internet-famous couple has channeled those passions into building a startup called ArtCorgi, which connects people with up-and-coming digital artists to buy and commission […]

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