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Dog meetup at the beach fills the surf with corgis

Visitors to Vancouver’s Spanish Banks beach last Saturday were likely to come across more than just sand and waves. Anyone out on the shore that day would have difficulty ignoring the fact that the beach was overrun with corgis. Dozens of corgis — small dogs known for their short legs and big ears — were on the beach with […]


Her Majesty and the Curious Mystery of the Disappearing Corgis

The Queen’s favourite dog breed is on the brink of extinction – and everyone’s looking suspiciously at Buckingham Palace. There’s only one solution, It would make for a gripping murder mystery: corgis are dying out at an alarming rate; is the Queen of the UK at the bottom of it? The Pembroke Welsh corgi has made […]


Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Temperament & Personality

Personality The Pembroke Welsh Corgis my be small, but they pack a lot of dog into a little body. Originally used to herd cattle and hunt rodents in Pembrokeshire, Wales; Corgis were sturdy herding dogs who took their jobs seriously. They would nip the heels of the cattle to keep them in line, and their […]

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