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Corgi Cross Breeds Are Cute (25 Pictures)

The other day we showed you an adorable picture of a Corgi/Husky mixed dog (1st picture below), and we got thinking, what other aww-inducing Corgi mixed breeds are there? Well we found out that it doesn’t really matter what dog you breed with a corgi, the result is a cute overdose! 1. Corgi/Husky 2. Corgi/Australian Cattle Dog 3. Corgi/Australian […]


Bonding With The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Bonding with your Pembroke Welsh Corgi will be easier than with some other breeds. The reason is that the Corgis love to be around people and adapt to being next to you wherever you go. They are followers when it comes to their owners. They will want to be with you in whatever room of […]


What To Look For When Choosing A Pembroke Welsh Corgi

If you are looking for a puppy and have decided on a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, you need to know what to look for and what the American Kennel Club standards are for the breed. This will include overall health, size, temperament, and socialization with people, dog color and the way they move. A good breeder […]


Corgi lovers at loggerheads over ban on dog tail docking

A ban on tail docking has divided the country’s corgi community, with the Wellington Welsh Corgi Walking Club the latest faction to pick a side.  Club president Michael Romanos, who is also the proud owner of an award-winning pembroke corgi named Fletcher Evans, said on Friday he supported the new regulations coming into force next year. His comments come after […]


These racing corgis are the best sports dogs

Although horse racing is the more popular sport, dog racing exists, as well. Normally, those dogs are greyhounds or whippets, dogs with long legs and sleek bodies. This video includes six heats of races, and the final! Look at the little floofs go tromping through the sand on their short stubby legs! Some of them […]

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