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Obedience Training: A Great Place To Start by Betty A. Kramp

New Obedience Prospect? This 8 week old gets a jump on dumb bell training. Twenty years ago I bought a male Sheltie and planned to start showing dogs. The breeder had little use for me after she cashed my check and so when J Jay was 6 months old, I wandered into one of the […]


Housebreaking and Crate Training a Corgi

The anticipation is over, the waiting has ended, and you are on your way home with your new Corgi puppy. The fun is just beginning. Soon you’ll be sitting on the floor with the pup, watching him explore his new environment, letting him climb up in your lap so you can cuddle and play games […]


Pembroke Welsh Corgi Training

Training any new dog, including a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is essential in making sure both the pet and family members are comfortable and happy with the relationship. Generally, training has two main parts: basic obedience training, which can cover a wide area of activity; and competition/activity training. The Pembroke is a very intelligent breed that […]


Teaching Corgis How to Shake Paws

Corgis are quick-to-train dogs who love to please their families. This little gentleman of a dog will amaze you as he quickly catches on to the gratification you receive from his shaking your hand. This trick is easy enough for children to teach your corgi. Step 1 Start in a sitting position. If you haven’t […]

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