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4 Tips To Get Your Corgi To Stop Digging

Corgis are high energy herding dogs that need a job. If yours is spending too much time alone in the backyard, they will find something to occupy themselves. Maybe it’s eating your plants (some of which may be poisonous, by the way) or maybe it’s digging. Digging is done for a variety of reasons, including […]


Do Corgis Bark?

Corgis have a lot to say. While you may find the individual corgi who is quieter, as a whole, corgis are known for being vocal. The good news is, corgis love to learn and with proper obedience training, you can manage your corgi’s barking behavior. Exercise Corgis bark for the same reasons as other dogs. […]


How to Get Your Welsh Corgi to Stop Following You

Your corgi may have a tail, but you shouldn’t. Following you from room to room may mean she thinks she can’t leave you alone, or that she needs something in her life — companionship, exercise or entertainment. Changing some of your behaviors and your dog’s will get her to stop following your every move.  Show […]


Welsh Corgi History and Lore

Welsh Corgi History and Lore Legend has it that the Welsh Corgi is the “enchanted” dog of the Fay. They were used by fairies and elves to pull their coaches or to serve as the steeds for their warriors. At night, the Welsh Corgi would slip away to the hills of Wales to play with […]

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