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11 Short Facts About Corgis

You already know they’re cute, compact, and smart. But there’s a lot more to these beloved little dogs. 1. THERE ARE TWO DISTINCT BREEDS OF CORGIS There are two types of Welsh corgis: the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi. They are considered two entirely different breeds because they come from different ancestors. […]


Hair Loss in a Corgi

Welsh corgis are known for being healthy, sturdy and fit. While the breed suffers from relatively few genetic health problems, it is prone to skin allergies that can cause hair loss. They are also susceptible to all the standard causes of hair loss in dogs, including diseases, infections and parasites.  Shedding As a double-coated breed […]


What do you get when you cross a Corgi with…

1. A Husky: Result: Adorable coat, but you would need about a hundred of them to tow a sled. 2. A Black Lab (Beckett, you better not get any ideas!) Result: Finally a Corgi (or is it a Laborgi) who can properly play fetch. 3. A Beagle: Result: Definitely called a Borgi 4. A Basset […]

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