Corgi popularity on the rise thanks to social media

Cute pictures of corgis have made the royal dogs suddenly fashionable again after fears they were dying out. 

Record low registrations saw the Queen’s stubby-legged, loyal companions put on the vulnerable breeds list earlier this year, but an incredible surge of internet trending means they are walking tall again.

The Kennel Club says Pembrokeshire Welsh corgi registrations increased by 54 per cent in the first half of 2015, thanks to the breed becoming a sensation on Instagram.

Its dramatic resurgence coincides with 250,000 people following Instagram’s four favourite dogs which includes one from the UK called Winny the Corgi.

Endearing photographs of dogs at home and at play, often dressed up in the nattiest canine couture, are becoming a significant driving force when new owners are choosing a breed. This follows the massive demand for “handbag dogs” in recent years, a trend set by Hollywood actors, sports personalities and pop stars being pictured out an about with diminutive toy breeds.

Besides the Pembrokeshire Welsh corgi, other Instagram sensations include the miniature smooth-haired dachshund and French bulldog. The French bulldog is the fastest growing breed in the UK, with its numbers surging by 554 per cent over the past five years and up by more than a third during 2015.

Kennel Club Secretary Caroline Kisko explained: “We are not only seeing celebrity dog ownership influence dog choice, but are now seeing dogs who are celebrities in their own right through their Instagram fame, leading to huge increases in dog breed popularity.

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