Corgi Rescue: Give A Dog A Chance

Corgis are adorable and seem to be sweet fluffballs but they are actually herding dogs that have a surprisingly assertive personality. They are often called a “big dog in a small dog’s body.” Corgis are strong-minded and needed to be dealt with the same level of control as with a German Shepherd.
Several non-profit organizations dedicate themselves to corgi rescue. They offer second chances to any corgi needing a new home. Most of the volunteers are long time corgi lovers who are focused on preventing the cruelty to animals, especially the corgis.
The corgi rescue volunteers promote and advance public education as to responsible dog ownership and canine good citizenship. Rescued corgis are surrendered by their current owners, found as strays, or discovered in animal shelters. The corgi rescue team provides proper and permanent homes for the unwanted corgis by giving them quality shelter, training, and care for them until they finally find new homes.
Many of the corgis in rescue ended up there because they have asserted themselves to their owners. The owner in turn didn’t know what to do because if the corgi remains in charge, it could become unruly and aggressive. Many other corgis needed some remedial work. They are needed to be taught good manners and reminded that their role and position should be under their owners. Someone experienced with the corgi’s temperament of an assertive herding breed should handle cases like this.

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