Gizmo’s revenge: Nerf dog toy gets the energetic corgi test

If I had a dollar for every toy that my 7-year-old corgi Gizmo has destroyed, I’d be millionaire. Or at least I think I would be.

With a desire to deconstruct anything that squeaks, Gizmo usually doesn’t allow his toys to last more than 10 minutes once they make the journey home from the store. That means an endless cycle of purchasing new dog toys (most which cost between $8-$15) and seeing them end up in the trash within minutes.

In this week’s Fab or Flub? review, the search for toys that can stand up to Gizmo’s rough ways continues with the Nerf Football Squeaker Dog Toy ($8.99, Target).

Part of Nerf’s range of canine-inspired products, the floatable toy was designed to withstand aggressive chewing and touted to be great for solo play sessions and playing fetch with a human.

First impression

When picking out a dog toy for Gizmo, there are always two things I consider. First, does it squeak? Gizmo, like most dogs, is obsessed with toys that squeak and doesn’t have much interest in toys that don’t make noise.

Second, what is the toy made out? If the toy is made out of fabric or filled with stuffing, odds are it won’t last more than five minutes once Gizmo gets his paws on it.

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