How I Got Rejected by Two (Count ’em!) Corgis On My Summer Vacation

On a recent vacation in the Pacific Northwest, I was lucky enough to meet a couple of Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

(You bet ‘yer boots my eyes were peeled for local low riders!)

I spied this charmer at a Sunday Farmer’s Market, in the delightfully dog-centric Seattle neighborhood of Ballard.

Those fingers making like there’s food to be had? Those would be mine. There was no other way adorable Tanuki was going to give me a second look without the possibility of imminent vittles.

The same Corgi five seconds later, 1000% sure the obnoxious, gesticulating stranger yelling “COOOORRRRGEEEEE” is Just Another Human Without Food To Share.

A crashing bore! Doggedly dismissed, I was. But I had fun watching Tanuki wiggle away.

Days later down at the Oregon coast (stunningly scenic even without Corgis), I — the human with pretend salami in her hand — got ignored by yet another Corgi.

In his defense, Ein had a parade of other dogs to bark at. A Corgi has priorities.

He was distracted!

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