How To Corgi On In 2018!

Happy New Year, my friends! A brand spanking new 365 chances to begin anew are on our doorstep.

Are you ready to roll?

I know I am!

Because as years go, my 2017 was kind of a stinker.

Still, a year like that — full of screwball luck, soggy biscuits and a few dashed dreams — prompts a person to rethink things. Lots of things! What’s working, what isn’t, what needs to go? And if it’s time to let a thing go, can it be done with grace and gratitude?

Which brings me to this blog.

I’ve been singlehandedly doing the Daily Corgi blog for more than eight years now. It’s changed my life in positive ways too crazy-wonderful to number. Creating and running this site has been an adventure, a privilege, a lesson in hard knocks and a test of discipline unlike any other I’ve known.

(Pretty sure I passed).

Most blogs don’t last this long. I was told I’d “run out of Corgis” (Ha!) “Experts” insisted I was doing Big Important Things all wrong. You know what? I had a ball proving THEM wrong.

(It was delicious, actually).

What other way is there to succeed, to outlast the doubters, to Corgi On? You don’t give up. Failure is not an option.

Ask any Corgi. Be indomitable!


A whole lot has changed around my blog in the better part of a decade. Nowadays, blogs are no longer the cresting wave.

(Say what?!)

Also — have you noticed? — the entire galaxy and the nearest red dwarf have discovered Corgis. Our favorite breeds (OK mostly Pembrokes) became social media stars. Internet big shots. Who can resist?

Not me! Never could.

with its fresh and frequent installments of reader-posted Corgi-licious content, continued to outperform this blog. So many more of you are there.

That’s the good news. Here’s why.

As a platform that lets us all share and interact with pictures, videos, joys and occasional sorrows, Facebook builds a brilliant mousetrap!

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