Monty The Corgi

Our favorite part  of working with our clients is getting to know them and their families. For us, and some of our clients, dogs are a special part of our family. They enrich our lives, and love us unconditionally. We see the joy they bring to our clients, and we love working with them!

To kick off our monthly dog feature blogs, we’d like to introduce Monty. Monty is a rescued Welsh Pembroke Corgi who became part of our clients family when he was five years old. At the time, he had severe separation anxiety. He was given up by his previous family, an expectant couple. That’s how he came to The Cascade Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club, Inc where fate brought him to the Seiberts.  

Despite his separation anxiety, our clients knew Monty just needed some help coming out of his furry little shell. With training and lots of love and attention, Monty blossomed into the great dog they knew he could be. Now, at the age of 14, he may be an old timer, but he’s still got the wide-eyed wonder of a vivacious pup. His natural curiosity made him a fun jobsite manager. Monty is curious and liked to be where the action was! That made it a challenge when he wanted to be in the master bath when the guys were trying to install the radiant heat wiring. He also got into some of the newly painted trim and had some white “highlights” on his black coat.”

Monty is definitely a people dog and loves playing with our clients’ grandchildren (all children, really). He has lots of personality (or “dogality”, as our client put it). He’s been loving the snow we’ve had here in Oregon lately. (It’s been a nice reprieve from the rain, of which he is not a fan.) Monty and his family live in NW Portland.

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