Tartine the Corgi

About a week ago, as I was reviewing my photo blog RSS feed, I stumbled across a new side project of Winnie Au‘s. Winnie is not only a talented fashion and lifestyle photographer but an amazing dog portrait shooter as well—you may recall seeing her Canine Chronicles before. She’s now recently started a new tumblr dedicated to comparing photos of her corgi, Tartine, to photos of food. The tumblr is hilarious, adorable, and also very different from what I’m used to seeing from photographer blogs—so I thought I’d get in touch to learn more about Tartine the Corgi. Below Winnie shares her inspiration for the blog, why she loves dog photography, and more… Enjoy!

What draws you to dog photography?

There’s definitely a human quality to dogs, and I’ve always been drawn to their companionship and relationship with humans. I think there’s really something special about how dogs and people relate to each other. Dogs are awesome pets and friends, and I always thought that they deserved to have beautiful photographs taken too. Aside from that, dogs are endlessly entertaining and hilarious and CUTE. Imagine if all of your human friends were that adorable and funny to be around.

How’d you come up with the name “Tartine”?

Tartine is brand new in my life! She’s a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Her name means “open faced sandwich” in French. After much deliberation, I picked Tartine because it sounded nice, and she generally looks like an open faced sandwich.

To read more please follow : https://wonderfulmachine.com/blog/tartine-the-corgi