The Queen’s Former Chef Reveals How Her “Yappy” Dogs Had Quite a Posh Diet

It’s no secret that the Queen’s corgis lead a charmed life. After all, each one sleeps in a wicker basket that is elevated from the ground so as to avoid drafts in the Corgi Room. But if you thought their sleeping arrangements were luxurious, wait until you hear about their dining habits.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady, who served the Queen for 11 years, revealed juicy tidbits about their, well, juicy tidbits to Hello! magazine, saying that the corgis had quite the posh diet:

In case an alternating menu of finely-cut lamb, rabbit, and chicken weren’t enough, these succulent meats would often be freshly brought in by members of the royal family themselves.

“Prince William and Prince Harry used to shoot rabbits on the Windsor Estate, so we’d get the rabbits, they’d have to be cleaned and then cooked,” he said. “Some days some of the dogs were —shall we say for a better word — a little bunged up so we’d have to add cabbage on the menu, and then other days we’d actually put rice in there for the other way. It really was a case of following the menu.”

The daily scheduling was quite strict as well.

“Every day the Queen’s footman would come down to the kitchen at around two or three in the afternoon, and take the dog food upstairs to feed the royal corgis. They each had their own bowls,” he said. “The Queen would feed them herself, I think after she’d had her tea.”

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