The Ten Best Corgi Blogs on the Web

Sometimes people ask me if I think I’ll ever run out of corgi pictures. It’s not an unreasonable question: Corgi Friday is approaching its one-year anniversary, and it consistently has specific themes that include twenty or thirty or fifty pictures of corgis. How many pictures of corgis can there possibly be?

Answer: OH MY GOD SO MANY. Trust me, the earth will run out of fossil fuels and fresh drinking water before it runs out of corgi pictures. Aside from the fruitful searches I’ve done on flickr and MyCorgi, there are tons of corgi-specific blogs that are frequently updated with corgi pictures, videos, and GIFs. These are my ten favorite corgi blogs.

NOTE: There are some corgi blogs that give longer narratives about specific corgis, the owners’ lives, and general writing about dog ownership, such as Corgi Tails, Corgi Butts, and Dances with Corgis. However, I’m a junkie for images, and this list reflects that preference.

Corbinism is a newer blog that follows the life and times of Corbin Dallas. He’s not the cutest corgi of all time, but his owner is a cute Asian girl. NICE.

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