Tour de Corgi proves that dog days are never over in Fort Collins

Old Town parking may have seemed even more ridiculously full Saturday morning as the second annual Tour De Corgi commenced in full swing with hundreds of corgis taking over College Avenue and hundreds of humans eager to witness the ankle-high fun.

Tour de Corgi is exactly what it sounds like. Imagine Fort Collins’ Tour de Fat only minus the drinking, the bikes and the traffic cops. Keep the costumes. but instead of people wearing them, add hundreds of silly looking dogs that are very low the ground and don’t seem to have knees instead.

The event itself began at 10 a.m. Saturday at Civic Center Park. Corgis and their owners met up before the parade to peruse the dog vendors and booths and participate in the costume contest. Costumes were judged in different categories including funniest, most creative, purdiest and most badass. After the contests, win or loose, the corgis took off to parade down Old Town in their extravagant attire.

Attendee April Higginson accompanied her corgi Mozzy who was dressed up as Waldo from the “Where’s Waldo?” activity books.

“It’s awesome seeing all the dogs in costumes,” Higginson said. “The costume contest was pretty cool.”

Higginson said although her and Mozzy missed registration for the costume contest, everyone loves Mozzy’s costume.

Entry for the contests and the parade was a donation-based fee of five dollars and went to 4 Paws Pet Pantry and the Wyoming Dachshund and Corgi Rescue. The judges included Senator John Kefalas, Mayor Wade Troxell and local publisher Lydia Dody.

Some of the Corgi costumes included spooky Halloween witches, bumblebees, Supermans, peacocks and many land-sharks. Some dog owners dressed up with their pets, with one family dressing up as prisoners of their doggy policemen and another family dressing up as corgis themselves in fuzzy onesies to match their corgi lobster.

Although the event is corgi-specific, other dogs made appearances to support their brothers and sisters. One dog had a sign taped to it that said “Corgi For A Day.” Corgi mixes were also extremely common, which tended to look like regular dog breeds but shorter.

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